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Hello  just a little bit of  info about me for anyone who is interested. I will try and keep it short.

After leaving school  I went to Art college for about 2 years, but didn’t pursue a career in art. I went on to work for British Gas for 27 years until I was made redundant at 45. I didn’t wish to have an office job again so did “Care in the Community”, this was  helping older people in their homes, which was a very rewarding  job. It also made me realize even more so that life is for living now, not later!

I started painting again in 2005.  Not knowing what to get my long time friend for her Christmas present, I painted her pony. She was over the moon with the picture and other people asked me to paint their animals, so that’s how it all came about.

I love to paint many different subjects, but I have a special fondness for animals and also for humour, as you will tell if you see the gallery. I have been a horse owner for nearly 33 years, and my horse Jack is now 29 years old, but doesn’t act it! We lost our lovely Blessie Collie x late July 2015 she suffered a stroke,  she was on medication but after 6 weeks we had to have her put to sleep. We still have Titch the yorkie but he is approx 17yrs old and is now blind and deaf.  4 cats, 2 Guinea pigs, 3 rabbits and 2 budgies    My husband’s goldfish Fred, died at the ripe old age of 28years.

I started selling my art at venues such as Leek show, a very popular agricultural show, in 2007.  It has made a difference having my computer and printer, so I now can offer affordable framed or mounted prints of my work. Obviously some people want an original painting but a cheaper alternative goes down well.  I also  sell keyrings and fridge magnets of my artwork.  Bob, my husband, and I enjoy doing the shows as we love the atmosphere and have a laugh  with other stallholders and visitors.

I dislike  pretentiousness, and unfortunately you do get quite a bit of that in the art world. I do, however,  think art should be capable of provoking many different emotions.  I  think that people who make a living from any artistic genre are only doing what they want to do as no one asks an actor to act or a painter to paint etc. they are doing it because they want to and are fortunate to have a talent that is appreciated   To make a living at something you love is a privilege which many people do not have.

I only hope that  people  find my art uplifting and affordable.

Just one more thing, I would like to thank my stepson Robert Frost who did this web site for me as a surpise birthday present in 2008.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Regards Eileen, (Hope to see you at a show sometime.)

Leek Agricultural Show July 2009


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I showed my artwork and gifts  at Leek show on Saturday 25th July. The weather had been dreadful, but as usual on the day of the show the sun came out.  Of course many cars etc. had to be towed out at the end of the day, but the show was very well attended.

This is the 3rd year that I have been here as an exhibitor, and it was good to know that my first customer was pleased I was there, as she hadn’t been able to purchase things last year. I did really well for sales the best show we have ever had.  The Highland cow pictures/prints and other animals especially sheep pics, went very well. I am now able to show my own prints which are wrapped and backed ( A4 size ) Fridge magnets and key rings new this year went very well. My trays/chopping boards/coasters also sold well, many people thinking ahead for Christmas.  I also had on offer Giclee’ prints  I have had done proffessionally, these are obviously larger and  more expensive than my own, but they also sold well. I have also been commissioned to do several paintings. So it looks like I will be busy again, in the next months or so., When will the housework get done!! To sum up Saturday was a great day, my husband and I love meeting and talking to our customers and fellow stall holders, so although we were very tired we felt great. Our next shows are at the end of August, Ipstones on the last Saturday, and Heaton House Farm Fun Day, (again the 3rd year here) on the Bank Holiday Monday. I look forward to seeing you there if you can make it.

All for now Ei.

My Painting on the Paul O’Grady Show


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A painting I did of Olga and Buster was shown on the Paul O’Grady show: It is very sad to hear of Buster’s death. He will be missed, he was such a character. My only regret is that the photo’s are not very good. I am happy to do a fridge magnet 70x50mm using the image opposite for  a small charge £3.00 this includes postage. Proceeds to the Dogs Trust.